8 thoughts on “new gay passwords May 29 2013”

  1. Hey, this is Jack Lawrence, just wanted to let you know that I am seaking legal action against you for posting username and password to my website. Have a nice day!

  2. You must understand, if somebody PAYS $29.99 to JOIN a site, multiple users of that password will get him thrown off. Advanced computer technologies will pick up ‘excess’ use, immediately.

  3. I follow the last comment. You just look like kids crying for candy. I come here just to see what’s new but I don’t expect some passes to work because of obvious reasons. As other similar pages, this is just a business for the webmaster that owns it, that’s all. Or haven’t you found out that already? If some of them actually work, be grateful and enjoy it while it lasts (just hours or maybe more), but don’t be ridiculous with comments pretending to get a free way to a site that you’re supposed to pay to get access. In my case, I’d definitely be willing to pay to some of these because I had the chance to surf them first and review the content. It’s like hearing music before buying. So now please, shut the hell up and pay if you want instant access to them.

  4. Thanks so much for the ones that do work, but some of these NEVER work even on the very first day of posting. For example: Englishlads and Chaosmen.

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