8 thoughts on “new gay passwords June 23 2013”

  1. Thanks again for hacking my site. You really have no idea what your hacking costs me, do you? I only hope to be able to pay my rent this month and not live on the street. I’m not some giant corporation… I’m a small site who can’t afford penalties and fees from my hosting company when you steal my bandwidth. But, I guess if you can sleep at night it makes it all ok.

  2. Your blog is the shit! guys check this out

    Username: Jendrek61
    Password: Medicus

    Username: v8szxo5r
    Password: kpageroy

    If you delete this comment you – asshole !!!

  3. This is making me mad some of your login info doesn’t work! CHECK to see if the info works befor posting it here, Nasty …

  4. Hey this place is great! Nothing against the paid-subscription website owners, but for someone like me who has spent $$$ THOUSANDS $$$ on website porn sites subscribes, this is an awesome break to have this site.

  5. Nasty! A some of your passwords do not work! You keep adding the same thing over and over and over. Like that squirtz.com site…we’ve seen it like umm 3 times? Add a lot of COMPLETELY new ones, not just a couple. Keep up the good job!

  6. Hi why is it everytime you update the passwords Nakedswords not work. I just want it to work one time cause I am a
    fan of those one all the other sites are not great. I am beggin if I can
    have atleast one working username/password to one of the Nakedswords I will tell all my friends about your
    site and tell them to vote for this sit, I also will vote again. Thank

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