11 thoughts on “new gay passwords August 28”

  1. Ohhh… So pathetic to see how that freak still post the same passwords stolen from other sites and blogs… He just repeats everything by other good sites! He posts the same shit all the time or steal passwords from other sites! It’s just a clone of real passwords blogs. He can not do anything himself except the pathetic copy from real sites. You can see that he steals even banners and galleries from another blogs! He is FAKE! Poor webmaster We should feel sorry for him as he is stupid and helpless unexperienced freak!

  2. Guys check out these passwords, nasty will be punished

    Username: Bosman
    Password: bigfag

    Username: monkey
    Password: dollar

  3. Seems like whenever this page posts up, more or so most of the passwords just will not work, when it’s uploaded to the main password site however, they last much, much, much longer then a few days or even a week, they’ll go on for months.

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